55 inch touch screen monitor

55 inch touch screen monitor

55 inch touch screen monitor

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Introduce product of [55 inch touch screen monitor]

Farashabakeh’s 55 inch touch screen monitor are the best products at the field of televisions with touch surfaces or touch monitors which graphically, it’s a fantastic apparent, tight and completely thinnest.This displays include physical keys at the front, USB ports for both of Android and Windows systems.

In addition to hardware facilities, 55″ touch screen monitors include optimized and unic softwares such as Note, Connect, Capture and … that it’s strong reason for use of 55 inch touch panel for your company or organazations.


Product Feature

Ultra-thin and ultra-narrow appearance; front physical keys; front USB ports for PC and Android;
modulation safety design
★ IR (Infrared Ray) touch technology
① Resistant to optical interference (use as usual under direct sunlight)
② Resistant to shielding
③ Rapid response, fluent in writing & demonstration
★ Pass EMC test (meets the requirements of the applicable CE directives)
★ Integrated display, touch-control, dual core processer in Android and PC
① Smart operating system
② Touch menu (use touch menu to make a universal setting in any input source)
③ Achieve the functions of making notes, playing courseware and video without PC
★ Detachable PC module
① Detachable type design (reduce running noise and facilitate maintenance)
② Built-in smart core and operating system, Android and PC function as standby for each other
★ One key to energy saving mode (energy saving and environmental protection)
★ AG tempered glass 4mm Mohs level 7


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